Publishing posts on iJS.to

Mar 25, 2022·Quick read

Publishing posts on iJS.to

iJS.to is now in Public Beta which means that most of the functionality is now available, however, some features are coming soon. If you come across any issues or bugs, please feel free to tweet at @scottagirs or shoot me an email at scott@ijs.to

How to get started

You can write a new post by visiting ijs.to/new-article.From there you will be able to start writing your post.When you are happy with your article, you can click on the "✈️ Save" button, which will open up a dialogue where you will be able to add tags and control the Post Visibility of your post.

Post Visibility

Post Visibility allows you to control where your post will be shown.You can choose from the following:1. iJS.to - your post will show up on the iJS.to blog2. Your Site - your post will show up on your site3. iJS.to & Your Site - your post will show up on both4. Neither iJS.to nor Your Site - your post will only be visible via a link you share.


iJS will handle the heavy lifting of your SEO - all the metadata such as title, description and OG attributes will be generated automatically.After publishing, you can always change the SEO settings by editing your post from you Author Posts.


Tags will make your post more discoverable and improve the ability of users to find you based on what they are looking for. This is optional, but we highly recommend you pick the most appropriate tags.Future of iJS PublishingIn near future, we plan a number of improvements and new features. Amongst many more, some core features will include:- image uploading directly in the post - more keyboard shortcuts- markdown shortcutsand more.If you have any questions or suggestions, please tweet at @ijstodev or @scottagirs or reach out via an email hi@ijs.to.


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